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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Parking

Plenty of street parking on Tongariro Street and Tamamutu Street with a disabled space just round the corner outside the ANZ bank.

2. How Can I join the Practice?

Enrolment is where you choose to make us your regular doctor and means you can get subsidised consultation fees. You will need to complete an enrolment form and our receptionists are always happy to help you with this. Please call them on 07 378 6294 or come in and see us. Not everyone is eligible to enrol. The Ministry of Health website has a guide to eligibility criteria (

3. How much does it cost to see the doctor? Are there any other charges?

Click here to see our standard fees for 15 min appointments. Additional fees and charges may apply for procedures, prescriptions etc.

4. Can I bring other people with me when I see the GP?

Yes, if you feel you will be more comfortable having someone with you, please feel free to do so.

5. What happens if I need help after hours?

All the Taupo doctors take part in an after-hours roster. After hours our phone is switched to the duty surgery or an experienced nurse who can advise on the most sensible course of action for you. Just call us on (07) 3786294 and you will automatically be connected.

6. Why do I have to see the doctor for repeat prescriptions?

Repeat prescriptions may be available without having to make an appointment but is at the discretion of your GP. We will usually ask you to make an appointment if you were not seen for your last prescription, if the medication was changed at your last visit, or for such drugs as antidepressants or antibiotics.

7. Why is there a charge for a repeat prescription?

Producing a repeat prescription involves time by the receptionist, nurse and your doctor.


8. Do the doctors do house calls?

We believe we can provide safer and better care when patients come into the surgery. However, we will organise a house call if there appears no other option. This will usually need to be arranged through the practice nurse.

9. How do I find out about test results or reports?

We encourage you to look up your results on MyIndici or you can phone our nurses a few days after your test. Alternatively, we may organise another appointment to discuss these. We do not usually contact you for normal results.

10. Does my GP run on time?

We do our best to keep to appointment times but we place priority on giving each patient the attention required for their presenting problem. It is often difficult to anticipate how long this will take. Standard appointments are for 15 minutes to discuss 1-2 health issues. Occasionally, the doctors have to look after someone urgently or liaise with the hospital before they can see you.

11. Can you tell me if my doctor is running late?

We are happy for patients to phone prior to an appointment although the receptionists cannot always predict a delay or if the doctor will catch up, for example due to a late cancellation. Our receptionist is trained to keep patients in the waiting room fully informed of potential delays.

12. Will the doctor talk to anyone about my health matters?

We will not release any of your health information without your permission. We can receive information, e.g. from family members, but cannot give information out.

13. Do you provide maternity services?

We can provide free care for the first 12 weeks but after this you will need to contact a midwife. Call 0800Lakesbaby (525372) or visit

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